A bustling place in the heart of business

The spirit of The Spot lies in the community that meets daily, exchanges ideas and inspires each other to overcome challenges. Our member companies work actively together to create new projects, make effective use of common resources and to share mentoring and consulting services. Take this opportunity and become an integral part of this community now.

The biggest

Slovak coworking hub

Creating a community

since 2011

The valuation

of The Spot member companies has been as high as 1 billion EUR

We nurture a fascinating community


innovative companies
and dozens of freelancers

Each company has

business activities with at least 3 other members on average


events, discussions, networking and mentoring activities, educational events and parties

Community matrix

The Spot Environment

  • Slovensko.Digital
  • Rubyslava
  • Trojsten
  • Spot BeerNexteria
  • SuperScale
  • Vacuumlabs
  • Reef
  • Cognexa
  • Webgate.digital
  • Vacuumlabs
  • Auditori.it
  • Sparring
  • Trama
  • Capila
  • Arisan
  • Ksebe
  • Novuma
  • Gym Beam
  • Civitta
  • Vision Ventures
  • Vacuum Ventures
  • Challenger Accelerator
  • Healthcare Lab
  • Startup Den
  • Eit Workshops
  • Startup Guru
  • Skillmea
  • Green Fox Academy

A colourful array of companies and freelancers from diverse business areas can be found in The Spot


Fintech , IT , Software Development




Crypto and Blockchain


Legal Tech




VC, Consulting, Education


We co-founded The Spot with a clear vision to create a space that will be supporting the innovation ecosystem in the CEE region. Over a decade later, we are proud to see that our ambitious plan helped startups become successful international businesses. Seize the opportunity and be part of an inspirational environment with us.

Matej Ftacnik

Co-founder of The Spot

The Spot members have access to these benefits


Friendly consultations for startups free of charge

The biggest international law firms focused on innovation in CEE which was born and grew up with us. Its lawyers from The Spot, Prague or the US will help you scale up your business and prepare it for global expansion. A team of flexible lawyers has created a wide array of legaltech products and is ready to share its experience with you.

25% discount on services for The Spot members + friendly consultations free of charge

Trama is another “The Spot baby”. It deals with global brand protection including trademark registration. With thousands of registered trademarks, Trama belongs to the top 10 providers in Europe. It is at your disposal to protect the heart and soul of your business.


Special offer

We are giving away 5,000 EUR in credits for reporting and CFO services to the first 10 interested members of Spot. Additionally, we will prepare a FREE financial analysis and company health for each member.

50% discount for first 6 months, then 10% discount

If you need help with your accounting, payrolls or reporting, Arissan Accounting is here for you. On top of these, they also offer economic consultancy.


There is a huge number of companies and initiatives in The Spot with the aim of making startups more successful. If you need advice on how to optimise your business model, consult your strategy or get advice regarding EU grants, you can be sure to find the right mentor here.

No/Low Code Development

Friendly consultations free of charge and 10% discount for The Spot members


QikBuild is a no/low-code software house that helps startups and early ventures to reduce unnecessary costs and complexity in web and mobile development. QikBuild accelerate software development and reduce IT costs by up to 80%, allowing companies to digitize without heavy IT investments.

Business model validation, business development, EU grants

Management and startup consulting services

Friendly consultations free of charge.

Business development

Management consulting services and data analytics.

Friendly consultations free of charge

Online courses on design, IT skills, video creation and more. 15% discount on all courses

Business model validation, venture capital, fundraising

VC fund
Friendly consultations free of charge.

Website development Special prices fot The Spot members
Marketing, brand development, web

25% discount for The Spot members

first 1 hour consultation for free


Use the unique opportunity for services such as: branding, market research, analysis, creation of a complex marketing strategy, management of digital campaigns, or other creative solutions for your successful business.

Crypto community

Did you know that The Spot is the centre of global innovators in the area of decentralised technologies in Slovakia? You will find the biggest cryptocommunity in Slovakia here. We are the global innovation hub on Cardano, Solano, Ethereum, Flow and others.

Possibility to pay for membership in BTC and other cryptocurrencies

A cryptocommunity of more than 200 skilled professionals solving the challenges of the crypto and web3 worlds

Events focusing on cryptocurrencies and blockchain

Networking with the top people of the Slovak cryptoscene

Space to organise your meetups

Special security setup of your offices according to your needs

Crypto events in The Spot

  • BTC meetup
  • Crypto Guru
  • Battle Fondy vs Krypto
  • Hydra DX meetup
  • Crypto MasterMind


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